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Wine Diva Select Club (Bermuda Wine School)

Wine Diva's Wine Club Membership - Event Membership

Wine Diva's Wine Club Membership - Event Membership

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Monthly Event Membership (redeemable for all open events)

Wine Diva's Wine Club Membership - Monthly Event Membership

Elevate Your Wine & Pantry or Events Experience! **Receive one event credit per month**

Indulge in the extraordinary with Wine Diva's Wine Club, catering exclusively to the ultimate wine aficionado. If you appreciate the finer things in life and seek the pinnacle of wine curation and exceptional experiences, this is the club for you.

Why Choose Wine Diva's Wine Club?

  • Bespoke Wine Curation: Savor a personalized selection of wines delivered straight to your doorstep, meticulously curated to meet your discerning taste.
  • Unforgettable Wine Diva Select Events: Immerse yourself in exclusive wine events, where you'll relish remarkable moments and create lasting memories. And guess what? As a Wine Club member, you'll have first preference on event dates!
  • Year-round Perks: Enjoy reduced pricing on retail offerings and special moments throughout the year, ensuring your wine journey is always filled with delightful surprises.

Flexible Options:
Whether you prefer the convenience of wine deliveries, the excitement of wine events, or a perfect fusion of both, Wine Diva's Wine Club offers tailored options to suit your desires.

  • Monthly Wine Deliveries: Experience the joy of receiving exquisite wines directly at your doorstep, meticulously selected to indulge your palate in every sip.

  • Wine Events: Immerse yourself in the world of fine wines through our Wine Diva Select events, where you'll encounter the most exceptional vineyards and taste exquisite vintages. As a Wine Club member, securing your spot at these events is just another perk!

  • Mix of Wine Deliveries and Events: Craving the best of both worlds? Opt for a combination of wine deliveries and exclusive events, ensuring you never miss a beat in your wine journey.

To ensure you don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity, reserve your place in the club by as soon as possible before spaces fill. Elevate your wine and pantry or events experience with Wine Diva's Wine Club and embark on a delightful journey that will leave you yearning for more.

Choose from our flexible membership options and immerse yourself in the world of fine wines and exceptional experiences that await you.

Don't wait! Secure your spot today and unlock a world of unparalleled wine indulgence.

Note: Availability is limited and monthly reservations fill up quickly. Book now to guarantee your membership. Deliveries started in January 2024 with named day delivery.

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